Monday, September 12, 2011

Preparing to Blog

   I've not done very well at this Blogging adventure. Its been a year now, and I just don't seem to be able to get in the groove of blogging on a regular basis. I been putting a lot of thought into the whys and hows to be a better and more consistent Blogger.. Here is what I have come up with: 

1. You need your pictures readily accessible. If they are not, it take more time thank I     have to hunt them down, upload them and by then I have totally lost my train of  thought. I am now in the processo of uploading anything I might use to a Flicker account..  Getting prepared!

2. Have some ideas to Blog about jotted down ahead of time. If I wait till I have a little time to write, my mind goes blank. Nothing, Notta!!! I now have a notebook with Blog post ideas and a few lines to get me going. 

3. Get out of the house and get a life!!! No one whats to read my opinion of all the Blogs I read, what I planted on Farmville today, or what I did not clean in my home today!!! No further explanation needed.

4. Start to look at the world with a more creative mind. This will take some practice. My Creativity seems to have dozed off and I am having a little trouble waking it up. But, I will be persistent and not give up... I practice and explore everyday. I open my eyes and see everything around me trying to see it for more than what it is. I pretend its a different color, pretend it has a different purpose, I turn it around, upside down and sideways to see it differently.. Practice makes perfect RIGHT~~~

5. Set your mind to doing it. That's Right, now I just need to make me some signs to put up everywhere that Read  "JUST DO IT".

I'll see where all this takes me. I have many ideas as I lay in bed trying to sleep, now if I can just remember them all in the morning. LOL I have convinced myself that perfection is not necessary to begin my venture in the Blogging world. But Effort is!. I'll be seeing you soon. No promises to break but a good effort just the same. Happy Blogging everyone!