Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Justine's Sunday Scramble

    I know it's Monday night and I'm rather late, but I was actually trying to figure out how this is done.. Now, I think I have it all figured out, but that is yet to be seen as this is not published yet as I set here typing. I'm very new to all this blogging paraphernalia I hope you will all bear with me and have a few laughs  along my way to the education of the blogging idiot. I'm sure I'll look and sound like quite the rambling fool, but  to let you in on a little secret, that is the real me. As my dear sweet daughter-in-law says, It does not take much to amuse me.. They all thank God for that. LOL. So, If this works, I'll try to have something to ramble, oh I mean scramble about next Sunday Justine. BTW, all those who posted, I loved reading your scrambles. TaTa till next week <3 <3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Look

     I want to thank Justine, my dear friend, for sprucing up my header. You did a great job, Justine and I really really love it:) It made my blog look so much better!! Now if I can do as much justice to the content. HEEHEE. I Thank God for sending me such wonderful friends. My best Girlies are just Awesome. Be sure and Check out Justine's blog at  
www.stupidisassisterdoes.com You'll love her as much as I do:)

 I finally got a new look for my Blog. I hope you all like it, It's plain and simple since that is all I know how to do. LOL but I thought it looked much better than just plain old white. Let's be honest here, It looked so bad I was ashamed to post any blogs for people to see much less read. First impressions are very important, or so my mother always told me. I must admit, the look and  a cute header will get me to check out a blog faster than anything. The ladies in my header, I imagine them to be me and my bestest Girlies, having a girls only vacation in a sweet little cottage with a beautiful private beach. We all bring recipes we've wanted to try, books we want to share, laughter and love we want to give and memories we want to make. Were would we be and what would we do without our life long, brand new and yet to find girlfriends. They are every bit as important to our lives as our husbands, children and families. They are the ones who more often than not see us through the hard times, cheer us through the good times and remember us and love us for just who we are. They are the ones who have inspired my new look and will give me lots of material to blog about. Their encouragement will keep me posting and striving to find interesting things to write about. I hope my blogs become something you, my readers and friends, look foreward to reading.