Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Year 2010 Has Been

What a year 2010 has been. I have been so busy doing things to blog about, that I haven't had time to write a word. I started a job in April. Worked until September, then started remodeling my living room. In the middle of all that time was camping trips, reunions, sickness, and much more that I hope to remember as I begin to share my year with you.

I'll start with my Job. I went to work for the Census. Worked as a clerk in the office. I wanted to earn enough money to buy  new living room furniture. I succeeded!!! But I also made many new friends and loved my job. Being a census job I can't say a lot about what I did due to the privacy laws, but it was very interesting and fun. I worked as an enumerator in the 2000 census. With all that went down out there in the field this year, I'm glad I wasn't out there. The world has most definitely become a more dangerous place. However in the office, it was a much different environment. We worked hard and some very long hours (I worked from midnight to noon for a solid week) some of which nearly killed me. This old lady is not used to that kind of work:)...Had it not been for my co-workers I never would have lasted. It was a joy to go to work each day. All of us still get together each month for a luncheon. We laughed a lot and cried a little but become closer to each other through it all.

I have been a SAHM most of my adult life, so this experience was a blessing. I would love to find another job I could do. My health doesn't allow for standing, lifting, or much stooping (bad back) and a 58 year old female with no job experience and no degree doesn't stand a chance. I may be a computer whiz but no one wants to take my word for that. LOL

So this is a start to my new beginning to the blog world again. I hope to do a better job at posting more often than I did when I started this endeavor. Hope all my followers will return someday and I would welcome any new ones. Bless all who I meet here and My God bring you joy and happiness through the things you enjoy the most.