Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Year 2010 Has Been

What a year 2010 has been. I have been so busy doing things to blog about, that I haven't had time to write a word. I started a job in April. Worked until September, then started remodeling my living room. In the middle of all that time was camping trips, reunions, sickness, and much more that I hope to remember as I begin to share my year with you.

I'll start with my Job. I went to work for the Census. Worked as a clerk in the office. I wanted to earn enough money to buy  new living room furniture. I succeeded!!! But I also made many new friends and loved my job. Being a census job I can't say a lot about what I did due to the privacy laws, but it was very interesting and fun. I worked as an enumerator in the 2000 census. With all that went down out there in the field this year, I'm glad I wasn't out there. The world has most definitely become a more dangerous place. However in the office, it was a much different environment. We worked hard and some very long hours (I worked from midnight to noon for a solid week) some of which nearly killed me. This old lady is not used to that kind of work:)...Had it not been for my co-workers I never would have lasted. It was a joy to go to work each day. All of us still get together each month for a luncheon. We laughed a lot and cried a little but become closer to each other through it all.

I have been a SAHM most of my adult life, so this experience was a blessing. I would love to find another job I could do. My health doesn't allow for standing, lifting, or much stooping (bad back) and a 58 year old female with no job experience and no degree doesn't stand a chance. I may be a computer whiz but no one wants to take my word for that. LOL

So this is a start to my new beginning to the blog world again. I hope to do a better job at posting more often than I did when I started this endeavor. Hope all my followers will return someday and I would welcome any new ones. Bless all who I meet here and My God bring you joy and happiness through the things you enjoy the most.


  1. I am sure I am a follower already...but I couldn't see as the followers button isn't I clicked the one at the top of the asked me to I am following maybe two times! happy new year...hope to see you blogging a lot!

  2. Morning girl...thanks for coming by and congrats to you on your weight lose also...this can be our year! I too was a stay at home mom and one day I decided to go out into the world and see if I could get a one with the US Postal service...yep I was a mail lady and had a rural route in the country delivering mail..I tell you it didn't take long driving on dirt raod and trying to stay in the the wasp nest in the mailboxes that were hanging on a stick with one nail...fend off crazed hunting dogs and dealing with Aunt Suzie wanting you to leave her mail at cousin's Joe's..well...I left it all behind to just stay home and be a KEPT WOMAN!!!!!! LOL LOL Have a great weekend sweetie...Picket

  3. Thank you for coming to visit me. I think this is my first time at your blog. Welcome back to Blogville! I love your blog name! Glad you survived all of those long hours at work. That does sound like a lot of hours for someone of any age! laurie

  4. So happy that you enjoy your job and have such supportive co-workers. Being a computer whiz is so fantastic, I'm only semi-literate dispite 2 years of computer studies in school.

  5. Hey girl..hope the year is starting out great for you...mine couldn't be better...thanks so much for coming by...hope you are having a great week! Picket

  6. Welcome back to blogosphere!

    So glad that you enjoy your job. Supportive co-workers are such a joy.

    Have a blessed weekend!