Monday, February 22, 2010

This Weeks Scramblings

 Here is my post for my dear Friend, Justine's Sunday Scramble, Come and join us, she'd love to have you leave a post of the scramblings of your week. You can find her here Tell her I sent you:)

Another one of those "lets take a trip down south" kind of weeks. My SH needed to go to South Texas to look at a piece of equipment they were thinking of buying. Now since he is not suppose to be traveling until April, (Dr.'s orders after Heart Attack in Dec) I thought it best that I tag along to be sure he didn't over do it. It promised to  be a wonderful trip, down along the Frio River and lots of wildlife to see. I don't travel well for long periods of time myself, so He knows we have to stop often and of course Prissy, (our little chihuahua angel) has to stop often too:) Off we went, first stop, breakfast, good little restaurant, but the restrooms were out doors. Tempertures here have been a bit cool early in the morning and late at night. Needless to say, I hurried! We headed south and saw things turn greener the further we went. The deer became plentiful and lots of dead wild hogs along the sides of the road. I spotted a very unfamiliar looking animal, at least for this part of the country. We turned around and pulled over and took pictures of a very old Elk.

That part of the state has lots of exotic animal ranches. (Some which do some very bad things) Thats another story. As for the Beautiful Frio River, Hubby was in a hurry to get to our destination and said we'd spend time looking around on our way back. So we speeded through the photo ops and drove into the grey, desalinate not so lovely country side we call south Texas.

We stopped and had a very good lunch at a nice little Mexican Food Cafe and headed further south. We arrived at our destination, checked out the pump and rig we went to see and headed back home. Now for the enjoyable part of the trip, Right, ----Wrong. We could turn east and head toward Dilley and see if we could see the wild monkey population that is causing such an uproar down there. or go back the way we came. Well, he chose the way we had come, I agreed, after all a drive along the river road would be really nice and I could get some of the phone numbers of some of the cute little cabins along the river to stay at when we go back this summer. Well, We sat on the side of the road for an hour while he talked on the phone, (on top of a hill where there was a good signal) then preceded north toward the Frio River Road. Timing was not what I had hoped, we were about 20 minutes away as the light of day turned into darkness. I had suggested we stop for the night about an hour earlier but SH ignored my suggestion which he usually does. We get to the little town we usually stay in and he thinks we should stay there, Wrong. Only 2 motels, no pets, and no TV... and NO VACANCY. We decide we had better eat while we are there, as there may not be anything open by the time we reach the next town. Once again we eat at a little Mexican Cafe (about your only choice in South Texas) the food was not great, alittle to spicey for me that late at night and AGAIN an out door restroom. What is wrong with these people. Again it was cold and well lets just say not very inviting. We travel for another 2 hours before we get a room and by now we are two hours from home. We do spend the night, and the next morning he says he intended to spend some time looking for things I might enjoy,

BUT, the phone rings and business is pressing and we must get back to the house to get a quote faxed to a potency customer as soon as possible..Our planned 3 day trip turned into a quick 32 hour trip as the beautiful country side flashed by me at a speed faster than my camera could focus, arriving home with a promise we'll do it again when we have more time.. That'll be when the cell phone towers all across the country go down for a week. Oh and Justine sorry I was late posting, all my batteries went dead and I had to get new ones to upload pics from the camera:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day for Love

  Posting a Special Valentine Wish for Justine's Sunday Scramble. Love you Justine, my dear friend!

Today is Valentines Day, A day that is all about Love. The love of that special someone, the love of family, and the love of friends. As it turns out it fell on a Sunday this year, and how appropriate to remind us of the greatest Love of All, the Love of our Father in Heaven and Jesus our Savior. "Faith, Hope and Love, The greatest of these is Love" Its my wish for all, to take the love you feel today and carry it with you everyday for the rest of the year. What a better world it would be and we have the power to make it happen. I send you Love from my heart and I hope your day was a wonderful one. I wish for you that tomorrow will be even better and the following days better than the day before. If this finds you feeling unloved, remember you can love yourself. Loving one's self is the beginning of being Loved by others. Keep on Loving and Pass it on. <3 Love and Peace <3 And Happy Valentines Day:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Scramble: Pet Peeves... Do These Things Bug You Too?

I promised my dear friend Justine I'd join her Sunday Scrabble today. If you have something to say, join her too, I'm sure she'd be glad to have you drop in. You can find her link to her Sunday Scrabble here
  Here are 10 of my pet peeves, you know things that really annoy you or just plan piss you off. MY MY aren't we in a good mood today...Sometimes I think I just need a new family.LOL Oh well truth be told I wouldn't trade a one of them in for even the perfect one. I'd probably complain about that one too!!!

1. A remote control Hog... I wish I had never taught my hubby to use the darn thing. Now I spend the entire evenings watching 10 seconds of all 200 plus channels on the TV.

2.Anyone who does not rinse out their milk glass..who buys glasses big enough to get their hand down in to scrub that dried gunk out. My family would dig to the back of the cabinet to get the one glass that I couldn't get my hand in...

3.Screaming kids in a restaurant, not a fast food joint, but someplace you go to have a nice quite, relaxing dinner with someone. (same for the movie theater)

4.Any kid, under the age of 12, turned loose in any store to play with and tear up the merchandise. (Got hit in the head with a volley ball one day)

5.Total disregard for my birthday. (I always remember and do something nice for them)

6.A man who says on Mothers Day, "Your not my mother" DUH, only the mother of HIS children..The..
 7.A man with no shirt on..There are very few men whom I care to look at without a shirt. I personally know only one and the rest I only know of, and they are celebrities. I'm sorry that beer gut and sagging boobs are not attractive. Not to mention all that cellulite..

8.Seeing something I like and someone making a catty remark about me not needing it. What ever happened to "everyone should dream" Liking something does not mean buy it for me. I'll go back and do that myself...

9. People that come over to dinner and leave the minute they are through eating. I wanted the company, not the work it took to cook a meal to feed them! And I just love the clean up after their gone...

10.People who ask for help but are never willing to return the favor. I'm speaking of our children here....

Okay, thats ten of the things that drive me crazy. That's enough complaining for the day. LOL Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I hope you had no peeves in you day today:)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Secret Love

I love photography!! I'm just an amateurs amateur but I love it anyway. I think I do a pretty good job and then I see others work and realize I have a long way to go. I will admit I have a lot to learn about the use of my camera and with that said I believe I just may have a future in the world of Pictures.
  I entered my first contest this year entering in the local West Texas Fair. I am here today to brag a little, as I took home a THIRD place Ribbon in the misc. category. There were approximately 1000 entry in this particular category, more than any other, because everyone put their extra pics in there to just get them entered and they had a limit of one pic per category. So, I didn't do too shabby to be chosen the third best out of about 1000. Above is the picture I entered. See what you think of it:)
 I'm taking some classes I ordered on line and would love to take some courses at one of the local colleges or universities. I still need a little more confidence before I attempt to do that. Here are a few more of my favorite pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

What a beautiful and intriguing world we live in. To hear the stories the old door could tale, to feel as beautiful as a rose, the romance of a moonlite night, and the love that only God can put in our hearts. The rewards of Photography, the joy of finding something to snap a picture of. It's all around us.