Monday, September 12, 2011

Preparing to Blog

   I've not done very well at this Blogging adventure. Its been a year now, and I just don't seem to be able to get in the groove of blogging on a regular basis. I been putting a lot of thought into the whys and hows to be a better and more consistent Blogger.. Here is what I have come up with: 

1. You need your pictures readily accessible. If they are not, it take more time thank I     have to hunt them down, upload them and by then I have totally lost my train of  thought. I am now in the processo of uploading anything I might use to a Flicker account..  Getting prepared!

2. Have some ideas to Blog about jotted down ahead of time. If I wait till I have a little time to write, my mind goes blank. Nothing, Notta!!! I now have a notebook with Blog post ideas and a few lines to get me going. 

3. Get out of the house and get a life!!! No one whats to read my opinion of all the Blogs I read, what I planted on Farmville today, or what I did not clean in my home today!!! No further explanation needed.

4. Start to look at the world with a more creative mind. This will take some practice. My Creativity seems to have dozed off and I am having a little trouble waking it up. But, I will be persistent and not give up... I practice and explore everyday. I open my eyes and see everything around me trying to see it for more than what it is. I pretend its a different color, pretend it has a different purpose, I turn it around, upside down and sideways to see it differently.. Practice makes perfect RIGHT~~~

5. Set your mind to doing it. That's Right, now I just need to make me some signs to put up everywhere that Read  "JUST DO IT".

I'll see where all this takes me. I have many ideas as I lay in bed trying to sleep, now if I can just remember them all in the morning. LOL I have convinced myself that perfection is not necessary to begin my venture in the Blogging world. But Effort is!. I'll be seeing you soon. No promises to break but a good effort just the same. Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. Hi...thanks so much for coming by...I'm going to follow you to the ends of the earth..or at least to Abilene. Next time I am coming thru there, I'll let you know and buy you a cup of coffee.:)

    Lemon curd, Mackays brand...United super was over by the jellies, jams and syrups. It is so good, I eat it with a spoon sometimes. :)

  2. hmmmm, it says I already AM a follower...OK..GOOD DEAL. :)

  3. These are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. BTW, as a Pixie Dust follower, you are welcome to pop over & enter a giveaway for a beautiful clock. Good luck & thanks for reading!

    Warmly, Michelle