Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day for Love

  Posting a Special Valentine Wish for Justine's Sunday Scramble. Love you Justine, my dear friend!

Today is Valentines Day, A day that is all about Love. The love of that special someone, the love of family, and the love of friends. As it turns out it fell on a Sunday this year, and how appropriate to remind us of the greatest Love of All, the Love of our Father in Heaven and Jesus our Savior. "Faith, Hope and Love, The greatest of these is Love" Its my wish for all, to take the love you feel today and carry it with you everyday for the rest of the year. What a better world it would be and we have the power to make it happen. I send you Love from my heart and I hope your day was a wonderful one. I wish for you that tomorrow will be even better and the following days better than the day before. If this finds you feeling unloved, remember you can love yourself. Loving one's self is the beginning of being Loved by others. Keep on Loving and Pass it on. <3 Love and Peace <3 And Happy Valentines Day:)