Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Justine's Sunday Scramble

    I know it's Monday night and I'm rather late, but I was actually trying to figure out how this is done.. Now, I think I have it all figured out, but that is yet to be seen as this is not published yet as I set here typing. I'm very new to all this blogging paraphernalia I hope you will all bear with me and have a few laughs  along my way to the education of the blogging idiot. I'm sure I'll look and sound like quite the rambling fool, but  to let you in on a little secret, that is the real me. As my dear sweet daughter-in-law says, It does not take much to amuse me.. They all thank God for that. LOL. So, If this works, I'll try to have something to ramble, oh I mean scramble about next Sunday Justine. BTW, all those who posted, I loved reading your scrambles. TaTa till next week <3 <3

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  1. Hey, this post never even showed up on my blog roll!!!!

    Okay, why is the header so small? I made it 700 px wide, I think.

    Justine :o )