Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh what a dreary, rainy day. I logically know we need the rain, but I selfishly am so tired of being couped up in the house. Not that there is not plenty to do, I mean cleaning is always an option, and there's still that bedroom I'm going to completely remodel, but when the doors to the outdoors are closed, I become mentally blocked of the desire to do anything but work in the garden or go to town. However, If I have to be subjected to one more OLD Audey Murphy western, I will either go through the door out into the torrid down poor of chilling rain screaming to the top of the world, or I will force myself to go to that corner bedroom and begin scrapping the popcorn from the ceiling and plug my ears with my ipod of glorious tunes.

Speaking of tunes, why is it that I search the internet, rummage through all my CD's, hound my friends for copies of particular songs, to find just the right tunes (the ones I really love) to upload to my i pod and then when I play random tunes I fast forward through most of them and wonder "why did I put that on there" Oh what a wishy washy, live for the moment, person I have become

Before closing I do want to give Thanks to God for the glorious rains He has sent our way today. After all we really do need them, and tomorrow when they are gone I'll only be wishing for them again so I will have nothing else that has to get done and I'll have time to work on my remodeling job!!!

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