Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did I Really Say That Sunday Scramble

 It is that time of the week  once again to join Justine in her Sunday Scramble. Come and join us if you like, I know Justine would love to have you.

I've had a great revelation today. One I haven't wanted to admit, but have know for a very long time now. "I'm one very lazy assed bitch" Now with that said, if I weren't so lazy my ass would not be so big and if my ass as well as the rest of me wasn't so big I'd feel better and I wouldn't be such a bitch. Well maybe not of that last part is true. I'll never be skinny and to some I am and will always be a bitch. But those who love me love me dearly and the rest can go to hell.... So now that I have told you who I really am PLEASE LOVE ME!!!  Okay on to other things..
I have got to get busy and clean out my house... I am a horder!! But what I really want to do is get rid of other peeps stuff. Its in my way and I need more room for stuff I want. My redo of my front bedroom is still not finished, oh hell it's not even started. I almost had the room cleared out before Christmas, but I needed room to put the Christmas Tree so I moved all kinds of  shit in there to get it out of the way. Its been to rainy and snowy and wet to get out to the storage building (good excuse) but now I must over come and get it cleared out. I bought more paint samples this week ( 8,9,10,11, and 12) I just can't find the right color I want. I want it to be between green and blue, not minty, soft but  bold, light reflecting and relaxing. It now has twelve 3X3 foot squares of different colors and I just can't decide if any of them match my criteria. I plan for the room to be a beachy cottagey bedroom without being to themey...I need to think less and do more. Maybe I'll actually get started on it this week. I'll be sure to get before and during and after pics if any of you live long enough to see it from start to finish. After I do this room I want to do the back bedroom, then the bathroom and my master bedroom and the living room then the kitchen. Hey... I could live to be 500 years old!!
At the risk of really pissing my sweet hubby off to the point of the threat of divorce, I did a spontaneous thing. I CUT MY HAIR... Thats right, I went and had it all chopped off. I've worn my hair long for 31 years and have wanted to cut it for most of those 31 years... I DID IT... and I think  I really like it. I decided that long mop made me look way older than I should look. What do ya think?
Before the New Look,,,
Me and my daughter, Melaney.
Now me after the Big Cut..
 Me, With a Whole New Look
Its so much easier to keep and now that I've lived with it for nearly a week, I really do like it. I can't do anything to change the face but I think I'll keep the cut for a while:)

Went to the Sweetwater Rattle Snake Round Up yesterday. The Texas town of Sweetwater has a yearly festival where rattlesnakes are caught, milked, killed and eaten. 
 Yes those are all rattle snakes on the floor
I have never in my life seen so many people in one little spot!! When I say it was shoulder to shoulder I mean that quite literally. 

Walking through the display buildings, trying to look at all the goodies for sale, you were touching, I mean really touching everyone you tried to pass. Every exhibit and vendor had lines that were miles long. And not that I could see very much, after all I'm only 5' 2", I found absolutely nothing I could not live without. I saw one cute wallet, a cute purse, a precious dress for Prissy, and an adorable little kidney shaped green garden bench. I got the best funnel cake I have ever gotten, That sucker was 2" thick. OUHHHH it was soooo good. But what I got the most  was a very painful back and achey thighs. We did way too much walking for the first time out after a long winter of sitting on the couch. The Flea Market was a bust, with the exception on one really cute little metal  childs table and chairs set. But the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny with no wind. What a marvelous day to be out. We had a very enjoyable day. As for those Rattle Snakes, I always stay out of that building least I would have nightmares for days at the site of that many snakes in one place. My opinion of a snake is the best ones are extinct ones. They should all be extinct as should spiders and scorpions. I know some one may object to my opinion but the above mentioned if they don't hurt me they will make me hurt myself. No Really hurt myself badly.
Yall have a fabulous week and I'll see ya again next week TaTa


  1. I think your new haircut is very modern and classy looking. It looks just beautiful on you!

    I'd avoid the snakes too!

  2. Gwen, I loved this post! You're a hoarder? Get rid of it! ALL OF IT! I love throwing shit out, even if I just bought it a year or two ago. If it no longer speaks to me, out it goes!

    Your hair looks AMAZING! I can't even say enough how much I love the cut. It makes your beautiful eyes POP. Have you ever thought of going red? Ooh, it'd be hot girl. Hot!

    Snake wrangling, eh? I actually like snakes, but I don't think I'd want to see them killed and then barbecued, ya know?

    Oh, as for your bedroom redo... if you need paint help, my friend Artie is the man to help you!!! He LOVES helping other people with design/color stuff!

    Justine :o )

  3. Hi, Gwen..;I'm bj and came over from Justiney's cute blog.
    I noticed you went to the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup so we must live pretty close to each other. I hope so..I'd love to meet with your cute new haircut, which, by the way, looks super on ya.
    ANYway, I used to take one of my grandsons to this every year. He was so into snakes when he was little and loved going over to Sweetwater.
    We live in Lubbock...about a 2 hr. drive.
    Come by my blog sometime when you have time.
    xo bj

  4. Back to say I signed up to follow you! :)

  5. Gweny, I am not fond of snakes either and I have killed a bunch in my yard (3 acres).
    I have a list of Texas blogger and woould like to add you to this list. Hope you will come follow me and visit often.