Monday, March 1, 2010

 It's time once again for Justines  Sunday Scramble . If you haven't joined her before go ahead and join her today, She'd love to have you. Post up and Link up to Justine and let us hear what kind of Scrambles you've had this week...

Oh what a week! I started off this week with a headache from hell. Well, it was my own fault. We went out to  lunch with some friends and after eating a very tasty platter of fried catfish with all the fixings, we exited the restaurant and preceded to say our goodbyes out front...This is were the calamity began. I turn from saying all the goodbyes, great to see ya's, and let's do it agains just in time to run smack dab into a 2x6, actually four of them, hanging out of the back of a pickup parked in front of the restaurant. My hands were flying, since I can't talk with out the use of my arms and hands flailing about with every word, which caused me to break 3 fingernails into a quick and my poor forehead had a dent in the middle of it the size of a #2 pencil about four inches long.. My Sweet Hubby turned to look and saw me just standing there in a daze and came running. Now here is a good understanding of how hard my head hit those boards, My Sweet Hubby can't hear a freight train going down the track if he's stopped in front of it. I'm sure it could be heard for miles away. The first thing I thought to do was look to see if it had a red flag attached, as that is the law for anything hanging over so many inches out of the back of a pickup or trailer. No red flag, like that would have kept me from running into it since the eyes in the back of my head I have not used since my children left home. So, I could sue, Right???   NO... then I would have to admit to the world the lack of grace and composure I pretend to have. I couldn't tell the world how stupid I really am after all they already suspect it, lets not confirm the obvious.
 By Tuesday, the snow was back and the yard was once again beautiful with about four inches of lovely white, glistening powdery snow covering every surface.

Ahhh, So deceiving, because under that lovelyness was an inch of solid ICE.. EKKKKEKKKK or should I have said it was screaming WRECKWRECKWRECK. My daughter and I went to town that night, roads looking fairly clear by that time, and suddenly we are driving backwards down the middle of the road, then forward again and backward again, before we finally came to a sudden stop.... So Thankful no other vehicle was involved. My nerves a bit out of sorts now and another headache attacks me like a bear in a blizzard.
Went to Dr. on Wednesday to get my shots in my lower back. This in-tales being put to sleep and acting a fool for the next few hours until the antistesia wears off. My Dear Sweet Daughter In Law always takes me and never tells a soul how silly I act or breaths a word of what I may say. God Love Her, I sure do.

By night fall, the top of my head is about to explode. I get the mother of all headaches after having antistitic that will last for the next two days.... Worth it???? Hell yess, I can to to Wal Mart, Lowes and Home Depot all three and walk around without having to ride around on the little drivey thingy shopping cart. Freedom aint free, there is always a price to pay.

Saturday, Hubby went out of town to spend the day with his son, and I spent the day doing nothing. Laid around, slept late, played on Facebook, watched the food channel and hung out with my Sweet Daughter IN Law... Smoked to much and had a smoking headache the next morning that made me want to cuss... So here it is Sunday, again, and the notorious HEADACHE, is starting another week hanging around my house... I think I'll lock the doors and send it on down the road, It's just not welcome here anymore


  1. You have been having a time haven't you?

  2. Geez woman, a little accident prone there? Yikes, that must have hurt like hell! No wonder you've had a horrible headache. And then the anesthesia headache? Yikes!

    How often do you have those shots done? Too often!

    Justine :o )

  3. OY!
    Have you seen the doctor about the headaches? Wacking your head like that, you might want to.
    Thanks for stopping by :) Following back.

  4. Oh my gosh, you poor thing. You really smacked your head good! I hope your headaches go away and that you have no horror stories on the next edition of Sunday Scramble!

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